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The domaine de Perdrycourt, familial winery, was created by Arlette and Roger COURTY in 1986, with a 0.5 ha vineyard. Settled at Montigny la Resle, the cellar and the winery are outside the vineyard, at 15 km from Chablis.

The first harvest was dated of 1989.


In 2007, their son, Rémi COURTY, made the first vinification on his own, after studies in Beaune and his diploma Viticulture Oenology in his pocket. This first experience was a success, obtaining the first “Coup de coeur” (favourite wine of the year) in the Guide Hachette, thanks to the Petit Chablis 2007. He takes place officially in the management of the domain that same year, after being an employee since 2001.

Since 2010, the domain counts 14 hectares of vines, spread on the 4 Chablis Appellations (Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru, and Chablis Grand Cru) principally planted on the village of Beines, next to Chablis.


The ageing is mainly on stainless steel tanks for most of the Cuvée, and some on fine-grained barrels, always under controlled temperatures to preserve a maximum of fruit.

We work on our Chablis to propose 3 differents vinifications: a 100% stainless steel tanks, a Chablis Vieilles Vignes with an ageing on lees and a 100% new barrels. To discover Chablis on all its guises!


State of mind

With one grape, the Chardonnay, our wines find wealth and originality thanks to the kimmeridgian marl slopes with small fossilised oysters, the main feature of our terroir.


Rémi tries to develop and improve the cultivation of vines in ways that are environmentally friendly or sustainable, maintaining the balance between traditional and more modern methods of making wine. The aim is to give priority to the production of well-balanced quality wines.