Our Vineyard

The Domaine de Perdrycourt is 18 hectares of vines originally located in the town of Beines, in different localities in Petit Chablis and Chablis (Vau de Long, Derrières les Murs, Montre-chiens, Sur Savant, etc.) ) and Premier Cru (Vau de Vey, Fourchaume in the commune of Maligny)

The Chardonnay varietal

- The Chablis vineyard is planted only with Chardonnay grapes,

- it likes soils that are not very fertile and calcareous

- mineral and iodized, floral aroma, scents of citrus fruits and white-fleshed fruits

The Kimméridgien terroir

The soil is made up of calcareous marl called the Kimmeridgian made up of small oysters “Ostria Virgula”.

It gives all its typicality to Chablis wines, minerality and freshness, iodized notes.

HVE 3 Certification

Integrating our vineyard into its environment and protecting natural resources are the primary objectives that we set ourselves and which go through several points:

• The preservation of biodiversity through plowing to promote organic life

• Phytosanitary strategy through the use of alternative and targeted methods to chemical control

• Management of fertilization by adapting the supply of organic matter to the nitrogen needs of the vine

• Management of water resources by grassing the surroundings and limiting water competition